A man was reported to have suffered burns in the arms and face from a flash fire on a roof. This accident was reported to happen last Sunday September 15 at around 10:30 in the morning. The 29 year old man from Tooele was allegedly working on an air conditioning unit on the roof when a small explosion occurred. The resulting flash fire injured the worker.Air condition

Authorities stated that he was airlifted to Salt Lake City Hospital. He is expected to survive from his injuries according to the report.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion. No other injury or damage to the building was reported.

According to Box Elder County Chief Deputy Kevin Potter, the man was working on the roof of Autoliv plant. This company designs and manufactures car safety systems.

The report did not mention if the man was using safety gears while working. It seems he was working alone on the roof.

The American Burn Association 2012 Fact Sheet reported that 69% of burn victims are male and 31% are female. Only 9% of the 2012 reported hospital burn admission came from industry or are work-related. Survival rate from burns is peg at 96.1%.

For work place related burn incidents, it was reported men ages 25- 34 have the highest incidence followed by men ages 35-44. Moreover, industrial plant explosions accounted for the highest number of work-related burns.

World Health Organization claims that for 2000, direct costs for care of children with burns in the United States of America exceeded US$ 211 million. No data on hospitalization cost was provided for adult victims.

Christensen & Hymas wishes the worker a quick recovery from his injuries. We encourage all workers to adhere to safe working practices. Accidents can happen anytime so it is best to use protective gear to minimize the injuries that could be sustained from work-related accidents.

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Original article is from Daily Herald.

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