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As an avid cyclist,  I requested a copy of Ken Christensen’s Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook to get more information on Utah bicycle laws. The amount of information in this short read is quite impressive. I now know that I didn’t have adequate insurance coverage to protect me or my family if I had been in a bike accident. You need to read this book!

Jason H.

I didn’t know if I needed to talk to an attorney. After reading the book, I found out that I did, and it’s a good thing that I talked to them. If it weren’t for the book, I wouldn’t have gotten the help that I really needed.

Mary B.

No one should talk to an insurance adjustor or hire an attorney before reading this book!

Chad Despain

I am writing to you to not only say thank you but to acknowledge what appears to be the obvious; you are or at least you represent a man of integrity. This books’ intent “to level the playing field…” is truly a worthy goal. I say this as a fellow business owner who for my three years of operation have tried to do the same in my field. Should I or anyone I encounter require the services provided by your firm you can rest assured I will not hesitate to contact your office.

Stephen G. Letendre

Thank you for sending me a copy of your book! I really appreciate it. I read the entire book shortly after I received it. I had my teen drivers read it as well. I learned several things on how to deal with the aftermath of an accident– specifically on dealing with insurance companies, doctor’s visits and how to document everything. Your book will serve our family as a future reference and guide. It’s good to know who I can call if I am ever in an accident. Thanks again!

T. La’ulu

I want to thank you for sending the gift of your book which I read cover to cover the day it arrived… I found it very informative and helpful. I wish I had known these tactics before I was in my accident!


If it were not for the book explaining everything, and the encouragement I received, I would have settled earlier that I should have, and I‘m so glad I didn’t .

Amber B.

Their book is very knowledgeable. Everyone should read it before you are in an accident. I never could have done this without them. It was overwhelming with the bills and insurance companies and adjusters and not knowing if they were looking out for me. I got a great settlement that I don’t think I could have done on my own.