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Free Utah Accident Handbook

The Utah Accident Book, Seven Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case teaches you how to deal with the insurance company and how to get the best settlement for your case.  Get your free book today!  Being involved in a car accident is a difficult experience. It is important to know your rights and how to handle your Utah accident case before one ever even happens. This free book to Utah residents is a must for any driver. Order your free copy here.

Utah Bicyclists Guidebook For Accidents

If you ride bicycles in Utah, be sure to get a copy of the Free Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook. Learn how this book and the author helped this cyclist after an accident. Bike accident victims need an experienced bike accident attorney to help them through the process of handling their Utah bike accident case. To can get a free copy of this book, click here.


Dog Bite Victims Can Find Help With The Free Book

Dog bites are not as rare as you might think. Here in Utah, dog bite and animal attacks leave victims often with severe and painful injuries. Utah residents need to know their rights under the event of a Dog or animal attack. Utah personal injury attorney Ken Christensen of the Christensen Law Firm has written a free book for Utah residents called the “Utah Dog Bite & Animal Attack Handbook“. This book offers valuable information that can help save your animal attack or dog bite case.