lineup02The Utah Accident Books are a series of short books that provide incredibly useful information to any Utah resident who wants it. Kenneth L. Christensen has been working as a personal injury attorney for many years, and throughout his countless cases, he experienced first-hand how quickly and easily many insurance companies will take advantage of their customers. One recent case gives a great example as to why Ken felt so passionately about producing these handbooks:

In 2009, a man whom we will refer to as Rob, lost his parents in a tragic car accident. Neither he nor his siblings had ever dealt with a death in the family, let alone their own parents, so they struggled through the medical and funeral proceedings, assuming that their insurance would help. On top of the funeral expenses, Rob was left with close to $45,000 of debt because of the life-flight and emergency treatment given to his late father. The insurance company called Rob and told him that his claim had been denied, and the case was closed.  A friend of Rob’s saw his dire situation and gave him a copy of the Utah Accident Handbook, where Rob then called Ken Christensen for advice on what to do next. Luckily Ken represented Rob. Ken found out that the original reason for denying the claim was incorrect. They then offered a small settlement, which was still insufficient. They eventually settled justly.
The insurance company initially said that Rob and his family  did not have a case. Unfortunately many people have been in very similar situations, and are often not in a position to find justice themselves.  This is why Ken chose to write these books. The information is available for free, without any appointments, without any pressure. We just want to see people in a better place to preserve their own rights.

If you know of anyone  who has recently been injured, these books can help you determine your next step. Separate books include information specifically on: dog bites and attacks, wrongful deaths, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents.

The most popular handbook  is the “7 Biggest Mistakes that can Wreck your Utah Accident Case.” Ken has seen many clients make a number of mistakes that harm their case. This book analyzes common mistakes made, and also clarifies many myths associated with insurance claims. The best part about these handbooks, is that they translate complicated legal and insurance jargon into plain English!  Readers have the opportunity to understand the intricacies of their own accident case, and the repercussions and implications through our current legal system.

These books were written for the sole purpose of providing information to the public. According to us at Christensen & Hymas, we believe that any Utah resident is deserving of this resource. Click HERE for your free copy of any Utah Accident Handbook.