2 inch pole28 year old Andrew Linn was impaled by a 2 inch fence post on his way home from Las Vegas in a terrifying car accident. The pole punctured the wind shield and entered Andrew’s mouth exiting the back of his neck, but miraculously leaving him alive. The accident was likely caused when Linn fell asleep at the wheel and collided with the fence and a trailer.

After the impalement, Linn was conscious and even tried calling for help on his cell phone. A few centimeters separated the post from Linn’s vital veins. His survival is truly a miracle.

Utah Car Accidents Caused By Drowsy Driving

On one hand, Linn’s Utah car accident is extremely rare. On the other, it is not all that uncommon. Drowsy driving is the cause of many car accidents in Utah. It is vitally important to be alert and awake at the wheel, for your own safety as well as others’. Take the time needed to ensure that you are properly rested before driving.

Utah Car Accident Attorney’s Defend Drowsy Driving Victims

If you are injured in an accident by a driver who is drowsy, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired, you may be able to recover money from the liable driver. Medical expenses and pain and suffering caused by an accidents can be both emotionally and financially devastating. A Christensen Law Firm  attorney will listen to your case and explain the legal options available to you. Call (801) 506-0800 to find out how a Utah car accident attorney can help.

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