Parachute_American FlagABC4 News reported that a 30 year old woman died in a skydiving accident. According to the police authorities, the accident happened around 1 PM on Sunday at Tooele Valley Airport. The woman was diving with Skydive Utah and is known as an experienced diver. Apparently her parachute did open properly but something went wrong between the opening of the parachute and her hitting the ground hard. She sustained injuries to her head and legs and the EMTs, who were already on the ground at the time of the accident, cared for her until paramedics arrived. She was flown to the University of Utah where she underwent surgery. The woman later died of her injuries.

It was still unclear what caused the accident and the name of the woman was withheld pending notification of family members. Authorities were unsure if the strong wind reported that day contributed as a factor to the incident.
Skydive Utah lists on their website the requirements for skydivers who might want to jump alone. This includes obtaining a license and having a minimum of 25 jumps.

We at Christensen & Hymas offer our condolences to the bereaved family. Losing a family member to an unfortunate accident is something that a lot of people have gone through but never wished to. We hope for a safer society for our loves that are using the roads daily or pursuing a worthwhile activity this summer. Please exercise care and caution as you indulge in a climbing, hiking, or camping activity this summer vacation. Safety is a big concern and is a collective effort.

Original article by Pixabay