Rhee BrabyA story was recently published by the Huffington Post about a Bountiful Man, Rhee Braby, who caught more than a dozen vehicle collisions on a stormy, snowy street in his neighborhood.   He caught the vehicles on video sliding off the road, colliding into trees, other cars, and even a snow plow.  He said there were neighbors at the top of the street warning drivers the street was too dangerous to drive on but many did not heed the warning and were caught up in the crashes and accidents.  The short video clip of only a minute and a half was a truncated product of only a few hours of video footage.

The Utah Highway Patrol, according to the Huffington Post, said that there were 376 crashes that were reported from Saturday to Sunday afternoon in five northern Utah counties.  34 injuries were reported, no fatalities.

Utah Injury Attorney: Stay Safe!

  1.  Slow Down
  2.  Drive on the Defensive
  3.  If You Don’t Have to Drive, Don’t

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