If you have suffered a personal injury because of another’s negligent actions, than you probably need to know three things.  The first is your rights as a victim.  The second is the options available to you with regards to monetary compensation.  The third is basic information as to what to do next.  Ken Christensen, a Utah car accident attorney, from the Christensen Law Firm, PLLC, has written four books that clearly and simply lay out this information.  The four books are titled: 7 Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck your Utah Accident Case; The Utah Dog Bite & Attack Handbook; The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook; The Utah Wrongful Death Guidebook.

7 Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Utah Accident CaseThe Utah Bicycle Accident HandbookThe Utah Dog Bite & Attack HandbookThe Utah Wrongful Death Guidebook

Ken cares about those who are victimized by another’s negligent actions.  He wrote these four books specifically for those who have been hurt by others, and who have consequently been thrust into a world of medical bills, insurance debates, and possibly physical and mental pain.  Subsequently, the victims need to know how to proceed from there.  He has helped hundreds of people who needed a Utah accident attorney.  One very important piece of information to know about Ken is that he does not get paid unless you get paid.  He works on a case basis, meaning that if he does not win your case, then he also, gets nothing.  This is important to know because many people think that Utah car accident attorneys are money hungry and only seek benefits for themselves; this is not the case with Ken.  He will fight for you and your case until compensation is granted.  There is no need to feel alone or without aid.  Ken can help.

These Utah accident books are free!  Call 1 800 LAW BOOK to get your free copy of these Utah accident books.  They cost nothing, but are worth everything: they may just make the difference between a life plagued by medical bills and insurance run-around, and time to heal because monetary compensation has been acquired with the help of a Utah car accident attorney.