uhpLt. Rich Christianson, section commander for Utah County, stated that the I-15 corridor through Utah County has become an area of concern as over speeding has increased through the whole corridor. It was reported that Utah Highway Patrol conducted a three hour speed blitz along Interstate 15 Wednesday, Feb. 26. Christianson stated that every time UHP does a blitz, they make sure the VMS signs on the overpasses are turned on in advance, warning drivers to slow down. He added that even the electronic sign that says “speed limit strictly enforced” in place did not convince drivers to slow down.

The report disclosed that UHP officers stopped 62 vehicles going northbound with the highest speed coming in at 96 mph. According to authorities, this area has a speed limit of 65 mph.  Christianson said that they typically give some hedge room and wait until the driver is 15 mph over the speed limit, and yet they still pulled over numerous vehicles.

Christianson stated that the area between Spanish Fork and Lehi is still seeing an increased number of crashes due to high speeds. He added that the new corridor is worse even when compared to troubled areas such as Provo Canyon. Three factors that contribute to more crashes are excessive speeds, following too close, and aggressive driving. Christianson disclosed that while cars are manufactured better and are safer in crashes, people still need to drive prudently. He said that aside from slowing down, people should not forget to buckle up as 60 percent of fatalities who were not wearing seatbelts would still be alive if they had buckled up.

Lt. Rich Christianson also stated that they want people to voluntarily slow down, and, to encourage that, UHP will be conducting monthly blitzes at various locations along the corridor as a reminder to speeders. Motorists will know that a speeding blitz is on-going when they see the enforcement signs on the freeway.

Christensen & Hymas welcomes this initiative of UHP to make the roadways safer to motorists. Following the speed limit is a great way to decrease the number of car crashes.

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Original article by Genelle Pugmire of Daily Herald