Photo Credit: Michael McFall, Salt Lake Tribune

According to a Tribune report, police were handling a robbery near 900 S. State St. Monday afternoon when a 23-year-old man with a warrant for his arrest took off in a stolen vehicle. Detective Cody Lougy said  that officers pursued the man, but the suspect ended up crashing into a vehicle, which struck a second vehicle in the intersection of 900 W. 600 North in Salt Lake City.

The report added that the suspect then struck a power pole before the stolen SUV ended up on its side north of the intersection.

According to Lougy, the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. He added that a passenger in one of the other vehicles also had minor injuries. The suspect was to be booked into the Salt Lake County jail Monday night on suspicion of fleeing arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle, and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Additionally, he was charged with aggravated assault against a police officer for nearly hitting an officer during the pursuit. Lougy added that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Salt Lake City.

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Original article by Michael McFall of Salt Lake Tribune