Utah Truck Accident AttorneyThree people were injured Tuesday night when a semitrailer and SUV collided at the intersection of Highway 89 and Cherry Lane in Layton. FOX 13 reports that the SUV, which was towing a small trailer, turned left just as the stoplight was turning yellow. The semi came through the intersection at that point, and according to Layton police officer Jeff Roderick, “the [SUV] went in front of the semi.” Fortunately, it appears that neither of the two passengers in the semitrailer nor the lone passenger of the SUV sustained serious injury, though two of the three were taken to the hospital.

We wish for the swift recovery of all three of the individuals involved. But if medical bills in such an accident are in access of what is available beyond PIP (No Fault) insurance, and if fault is attributed to at least one party, an attorney can intervene and secure compensation for the victim in the accident. Sometimes these costs can mount quickly, especially if surgery is involved or future medical care is necessary. If you are the victim of such an accident, do not carry the financial burden, for it is not yours to bear. Call Christensen & Hymas today at (801) 506-0800 to receive expert legal care.