Train CrashUtah Transit Authority officials and police responded to an accident in which a TRAX train full of passengers collided with an empty TRAX train car at 8000 South near State Street. The report disclosed that a TRAX operator and two passengers were injured when the train collided with an empty light-rail car that became disconnected from another train and was left on the tracks.

An Utah Transit Authority spokesman Remi Barron, reported the abandoned car became detached from an empty northbound train that was headed back to the yard for the night. All of its lights were out, and the operator nor control realized anything had been left behind.

The operator driving the second train spotted the stranded TRAX car but was unable to stop in time. Three people sustained minor injuries and were transported to area hospital.

Barron confirmed the crash had occurred about 9 p.m. near 8100 South and 100 East. Barron said that it was unclear how long the car was sitting on the tracks before it was hit. It was believed that the operator may not have even been aware of the problem despite the fact that TRAX trains usually travel about 15 minutes apart.

Unified Police Department stated that the accident remains a UTA issue since no automobiles were involved in the accident.

Christensen & Hymas hopes for the quick recovery of those injured in this collision. We would like to encourage everyone to be extra careful in public transportation facilities and in the workplace. Your attention to details and vigilance can help other people in avoiding harm or injury.

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Original article and image by McKenzie Romero, Deseret News.