Trax Train AccidentAn accident occurred this morning in South Salt Lake when a northbound TRAX train struck a woman and inflicted fatal injuries. The accident occurred at 188 W 3900 S at the Meadowbrook station. The victim, who was said to be in her mid-20’s, was taken to the hospital following the accident but to no avail. Police are not immediately sure of the reasons for which the accident occurred, but they are investigating the possibility that perhaps the woman was distracted, either by a cell phone or some other means, and this caused her to enter the path of the train. KSL reports that a cell phone case and a lunch bag were found on the platform at Meadowbrook station.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the woman killed in this accident. Perhaps in the coming days and weeks investigators will be able to understand better the reasons for which the accident occurred, and through this some measure of peace may be achieved for those particularly affected by the incident.

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