Bangeter asdfA man led police authorities on a high speed chase and evacuation of hardware store.

According to the report the man was pursued by the police up to 5600 West into the International Center. The chase began at 2450 South and 5600 West.  After police decided to call off the chase due to high speeds reaching 80 mph in unsafe traffic conditions.

Police say the suspect identified as Travis McDonald, 31, of Bountiful, then ditched his black truck at Nicholas and Company. Police say McDonald stole a white utility vehicle. Police found the truck heading West Bound on Utah Highway 201. The suspect allegedly got off Utah 201 at 72000 West heading south into neighborhoods.

The report stated that police authorities attempted to pit maneuver the vehicle, but instead McDonald hit a police car. He then headed north on 7200 West up to Utah 201 and head east bound on Utah Highway 201 eventually getting off  Bangerter and heading southbound.

The report added that McDonald ran away on foot and was spotted going into a Home Depot. Police asked the employees and customers of the hardware store to evacuate the area while they search for the suspect. The suspect was not found in the vicinity and the employees and customers were allowed back into the building by 11 a.m.

According to the report, police have received word that the suspect may be held up at a motel located at 1460 S. State St. in Salt Lake City.

Christensen & Hymas is glad no one was injured in this incident. We advise all owners to lock properly their vehicles to prevent thieves getting access to it. Park your car in well-lighted place and in places that are secured.

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Original article by ABC4 Utah

Image courtesy of Flickr.