The attorneys at Karon & Dalimonte have announced that they will be handling a wrongful death suit against Coleman Nocks.

In  February of 2010 the Toone family hired Coleman Nocks, then an exterminator at Bugman, to handle their home’s small rat infestation in Layton. A few days after the first treatment of rat poison was laid all of the six family members fell ill. The mother Brenda Toone assumed that the family had all come down with a bout of common food poisoning, but after two days her four year old daughter’s health began to decline. She was taken to the hospital where she passed away within the day. This Family’s tragedy and heart break was only compounded three days later when the girl’s 15 month old sister also passed away.

Their deaths have been attributed to accidental exposure to rat poisoning. The FDA code for safe distribution of pesticides mandates that strong poisons, like the Fumitoxin that was used, must remain outside of a 15 foot radius from a dwelling. Fumitoxin in this case was administered in pellet form. Upon investigation the poison pellets were found to be between 3 to 7 feet from the entrances to the living space.

The Bugman has been accused of negligent behavior both due to the misplacement of the pellets as well as the disregard of client phone calls. Prior to the hospitalization of her little girls Brenda had attempted to call Bugman regarding an odd chemical smell in the home, now known to be the deadly contamination. Nocks did not investigate the concern, despite having access to chemical detection services like  the ones which Pestcon Systems sells alongside their Fumitoxin.

The mishandling of chemical materials is hazardous and in tragic cases like this one deadly. We extend our deepest condolences to the Toone family and wish them the best in the up coming legal proceedings.

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Photo and article originally from KSL Feb. 9 2010