snowy conditions_offramp_cars and trucks slid off roadA pick-up truck in Salt Lake City this weekend nearly crashed into an approaching TRAX train.  Due to icy conditions Friday morning, there was almost a very serious accident. The large vehicle hit black ice, jumped over a curb, and ended up on the train tracks. Luckily, the train conductor saw the truck and was able to stop the train a couple of hundred feet before colliding with the pick-up. Incredibly, no one was hurt, but the TRAX line was delayed.

This all happened before 8:00 am near 3070 S. 2200 W, as the snow storm hit Salt Lake, right in time for the morning commute. Many motorists experienced traffic and a slow, slippery route to work. In Weber, Davis and Salt Lake counties, multiple slid-offs occurred, KSL Traffic Center reported 14 accidents on Salt Lake Valley surface streets in the half hour between 7:30 am and 8:00 am.

Emergency crews had to deal with several serious spin-off and crashes.

The Salt Lake International Airport received 2 inches of snow just Friday morning. The National Weather Service reported this time last year, the airport had received a cumulative amount of 15.9 inches of snow since October 1st. This year, there has been 60 inches.

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Image courtesy of ksl news