A toddler was reported to be in critical condition after being rescued from a canal in Northern Utah Saturday morning. The article stated the toddler was being watched by his grandmother when he wandered off. The grandmother came looking for him and found him floating face down in the shallow water.Canal

He was taken by a medical helicopter to a hospital and listed as being in extremely critical condition. Prior to this, the child was reported to be unresponsive to emergency crews.  Police say they have no idea how long was the little boy in the water before his grandmother found him.

Deputies from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office stated the canal was near the grandmother’s home. This canal serves as a drainage ditch from the Weber River.

This incident is a shocking reminder to people who are living near the canal with young children. One neighbor was quoted saying that she cannot imagine something like this happening to her little one.

Authorities said that although the water is shallow, it still poses a real danger to young children.

Christensen & Hymas hopes the little boy has not sustained serious injuries and will recover soon. Very young children are prone to accidents due to their young age and natural curiosity.

Christensen & Hymas has made available various resources on child safety in a website. It is our goal to protect young children from accidents. Safety among young children is a great concern. Let us work together to ensure that our children are safe from harm and accidents as much as possible.

Original article by kutv.com.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.