In West Valley at the home on 3049 South and 4215 Westa three year old girl was playing alone on her back yard play structure yesterday afternoon with her dog. The mother returned outside shortly to find that the girl had fallen to the ground and was laying unconscious. Neighbors were reported by Fox 13 to have come to the mother’s aid when they heard screaming and found her trying to resuscitate the girl. However one witness’ outlook for the girls is not positive saying that the girl “was unresponsive and her eyes were rolling back and stuff was coming out of her mouth. She didn’t look like she was hurt or anything. It just looked like she was lifeless”. The girl is currently being treated at Primary Children’s Hospital and reporters are waiting for the release of her name and an update on her condition.

The cause of her fall remains unknown. It has been speculated that either the slide or the dog is to blame, since she had no previously known medical conditions which would have instigated the heart failing. Investigators are still determining if heart failure and loss of consciousness caused or were results of the fall.

The American Heart Association reports that by age three less than twenty present of children will have less than optimal cardiac health. Fewer the percentage of those with problems will know about their condition due to the young age and lack of time for issues to manifest themselves. The American Pediatric Society claims that loss of consciousness is quite common in their patients, but in cases like this when the patient is unable to be aroused in a few minutes the consequences can be fatal.

Christensen & Hymas hope that answers regarding what happened to this girl can be found and that these answers can be used to better treat her. We look forward to seeing a recovery and a happy ending to this little girl’s story. We offer her and her family any help we can give.