red lightAn accident in American Fork occurred Monday evening that sent three people to the hospital from a crash involving three vehicles.

The call, regarding the accident on State Street, was received around 6:45 p.m., according to Lt. Sam Liddiard of the American Fork Police Department.

The report stated that a Jeep going south at 400 East allegedly ran a red light which caused the Jeep to be hit by a van going eastbound. The impact sent the Jeep into a light pole, which broke in half. The report added that after the initial impact, the van hit a vehicle on 400 East waiting to go northbound across State Street.

Liddiard disclosed that the driver of the van and two passengers in the car were transported to the hospital. Most of the injuries were minor.

People from the Rocky Mountain Power came and cut the pole that was on the Jeep and the lines were lifted back up. No power outage was reported related to the accident.

A witness identified as Jared Valerio was interviewed by the media. According to him, he saw the Jeep as it came through the intersection and watched it get hit by the minivan. The minivan somewhat bounced off the Jeep and then hit the car. The witness added that the Jeep then hit the pole and a parked car.

Christensen & Hymas hopes for the quick recovery of those involved in this accident. Running red lights has caused many vehicular accidents.  Unfortunately, some of these accidents  not only caused injuries but also claimed lives. We encourage everyone to obey all traffic rules and share the road.

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Original article by Barbara Christiansen of Daily Herald

Image courtesy of Wikimedia