An accident Monday involving a commuter-rail train and a vehicle left three hospitalized.

The train was traveling north between Old Mill Lane and 600 West.

Authorities initially believed that there had been multiple cars involved in the accident but later found that this was not true.

Utah Transit Authority spokesman, Gerry Carpenter said the following, “There was a second vehicle, but there was no one in it. That vehicle sustained some secondary damage from the collision, but the car (that was struck) was on the tracks and was obstructing the tracks when it was struck by the train.”

An investigation was ongoing, inquiring as to why the car was on the tracks during the accident.

Kaysville Police Capt. Brent Ward said that there were witnesses, but that their stories had been conflicting.

Three people were injured, two were in serious condition and one was critically injured.

A mother, her two children and the 34-year-old woman were the victims who suffered the worst injuries.

The one-year-old child was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital and the 5-year-old was taken to McKay-Dee and they both are supposed to be released Monday.

Driving across tracks can be a dangerous trek. If you find yourself caught on tracks then there are only a few options you have. wrote an article on what to do if you are ever caught on train tracks.

According to the article, “federal law states that trains have a minimum of 20 seconds to reach an intersection once the crossing arms go down and bells sound.”

Chip Pew, state coordinator for Operation Lifesaver, a non-profit dedicated to reducing fatalities and collisions at railroad crossings, said that drivers who find themselves stuck on tracks should exit their cars and leave their vehicle where it is.

Pew also said that once you exit your car you should run toward the train at a 45 degree angle. He acknowledges that this is against a person’s instincts but that it is impossible to outrun a train.

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