Gaylen B. Young

19 year old Ian Blackwelder is expected to make a full recovery after narrowly escaping a car accident that claimed the life of his sister. After a collision with the median on southbound I-15, Blackwelder and his sister, Briana, were thrown from the vehicle. The cause of the accident is yet to be determined. Rainy weather may have been a cause, but the condition of the road may have also contributed to the accident.

News Anchor Dies in Same Location in Another Accident

Strangely, longtime television and radio news anchor Gaylen B. Young died in an accident in the same spot three days earlier. The coincidence of the two fatal crashes occurring in the same location in such a short time span has lead to some speculations as to whether or not the road itself played some role in the unfortunate accidents. Though the road is somewhat steep, it is fairly level and does not appear to be difficult to navigate. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Blackwelder and Young families at this difficult time.

Information concerning seat belt use in these cases is as of yet unreported, but the Zero Fatality website reports that improper seat belt use has been identified as a contributing factor in 40% of fatal Utah accidents