A car hit a 15-year-old girl in West Jordan Monday morning in front of Heartland Elementary School.

The girl, whose name was not released, was walking across a crosswalk at 6:50am in dark clothing when the car hit her. There was no crossing guard on duty during that time.

“The combination of heavy traffic, dark intersection, dark clothing, and a fast-moving pedestrian caused the accident,” said Sgt. Drew Sanders of the West Jordan Police Department.

Though, at this time her injuries are not believed to be life threatening, she is in serious condition.

According to walkinginfo.org in 2009 there were 59,000 reported pedestrian injuries, which comes out to about one every 9 minutes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiled a list of why pedestrian accidents occur. About 11% of these injuries, like in the case of this 15-year-old teen pedestrian, stated visibility as a contributing factor.

A pedestrian can be hidden from the view of a driver in many different ways; physical objects, like a car or a sign, bad weather conditions such as rain or snow and decreased visibility during certain times of the day that include, early morning, late afternoon and night.

It is important that during these conditions pedestrians take extra precautions while walking among road traffic. You cannot just assume that because there is a crosswalk all drivers will notice you walking into the middle of the street. Take the time to make sure that a driver sees you before proceeding.

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