According to KSL, a logging truck driver identified as Wesley Fabrizio, 51 was issued a citation for following too closely to a pickup truck. The accident occurred around 3 p.m. on state Route 35. The report states that Dean Sweat, 57, was driving his pickup and slowed down to make a right turn. Utah Highway Patrol trooper Luke Stradinger said that Fabrizio was behind Sweat at that time. Fabrizio crashed into the back of Sweat’s pickup causing both trucks to roll.  Stradinger added that the logging truck came to rest across SR-35, shutting the two-lane road down for a couple hours.

It was disclosed that Sweat was taken by ambulance to Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt, where he was treated and later released. Fabrizio was not injured according to the report.

According to NHTSA, rear-end crashes are not only one of the frequently occurring types of crashes, but also are responsible for a large number of injuries and fatalities and substantial property damage every year. Injuries from rear-ending accidents should not be taken lightly. According to Mayo Clinic, whiplash is a neck injury that can occur during rear-end automobile collisions, when your head suddenly moves backward and then forward —similar to the motion of someone cracking a whip. This type of injury can be mild or severe and usually can be treated using over-the counter pain relievers and a cold compress. They add that most people recover from whiplash in just a few weeks, but some may develop chronic pain after a whiplash injury.

Christensen & Hymas reminds everyone to be extra careful on the road. It takes only the few seconds you take your eyes off the road for an accident to happen. Avoid impaired driving since it affects your reflexes, preventing you from making timely actions and decisions.  Share the road and drive safely as the safety of other motorists depends on your driving behavior.

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Original article by Geoff Liesik of KSL