utah_parks_boatIn August, 2011, a swimmer was hit by a boat, and left. She was swimming in Pineview Reservoir as Colton Raines and Cole Boyer, hit her with a boat they were driving. She was cut by the propeller and left as the boat sped away. The defendants are accused of leaving the swimmer to die. The trial is set for this upcoming February 11th, where the two men are faced with charges of obstruction of justice, failure to render aid, and reckless endangerment.

Boating accidents are similar to car accidents in the repercussions. Insurance is slightly different from car insurance, though the overall idea is the same. The boat operator (or driver) at the time of the accident is responsible for reporting said accident, if it causes significant injury or property damage. The exact circumstances vary from state to state, so each boat owner should know his or her state’s rules for when an accident should be reported.  Failure to report the accident within the state-regulated amount of time is considered a criminal act.

The person operating the boat is liable if any accidents occur. A person is at fault if he or she acts negligently.  If a boater adhered to all safety rules and precautions, and was mindful of other boaters, and others sharing the water, than he is considered to be a reasonable person to a jury. Persons who are responsible for causing a boating accident may face civil charges or criminal charges or both. Drivers under the influence of alcohol or acting under gross negligence may be considered by the state with criminal liability.