Taco_Bell_NightOn May 2nd, KSL reported that an SUV crashed through the newly installed drive-thru window of a West Valley Taco Bell. According to police, two known gang-member juveniles occupied the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Fowler says in his article titled “Unfocused Driving By Teenagers” that teenagers are 4 times more likely to sustain a traffic collision injury than any other age bracket. Statistics also show that teenagers are more likely to disregard basic safety practices like following the speed limit and wearing a seat belt. The age group’s immaturities towards driving combined with inexperience are all too often ingredients for tragedy. Speed, distraction, and inexperience cause most of these crashes. These things, however, can be controlled. Parents need to remind their teenagers that an automobile can be a weapon, and driving is a heavy responsibility.

The three most important things teenagers must remember when getting behind the wheel are:

1) Wear seatbelts

2) Obey speed limits

3) Refrain from alcohol and drugs.

No one wants to see an incident when a teen was lost because he or she gave into the peer pressure of friends and recklessly caused an accident. It is important that parents begin discussing driving safety early and pay attention to their teenager’s driving habits. Parents must be involved in their teenager’s life and impose rules of driving conduct. But remember, the fact that your teen has been in an accident does not mean the traffic accident was your teenager’s fault. Contact the Utah accident attorneys at the Christensen Law Firm today to find out how we can help you.

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