passing zoneAn 18-year-old Logan man was arrested by authorities in relation to his involvement in the Hyrum crash that occurred November 6. The suspect was identified as Emiliano Guereca. Cache County deputies claimed Guereca caused a fatal crash when he tried to pass another vehicle on a narrow road.

The report stated that he is being held in the Cache County jail on suspicion of automobile homicide, reckless driving, improper passing, driving under the influence, and possession of marijuana.

The report added that a 72-year-old Hyrum resident, Duane Labrum, died in the three-car crash that happened between Hyrum and Nibley. Investigators say Guereca attempted to pass a fellow northbound vehicle, but ended up clipping it and then hitting Labrum’s vehicle head-on. Labrum was pronounced dead, while two other people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

This news report is a clear example of a motorist’s accountability for an accident. Investigation may take time, but hopefully the person responsible for the accident will have to confront their mistakes. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of their responsibility as drivers until something tragic happens.

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Original article by the Daily Herald

Image courtesy of Jo Naylor.