Attorney for Spinal Cord InjuryDeseret News reports that 14 year-old Teagan Marti survived a traumatic incident where she fell from the 100 foot Terminal Velocity ride at a Wisconsin amusement park with no safety nets to catch her.  Her multiple injuries include severe spinal cord injuries, pelvic fracture, along with massive brain swelling.  Seventeen months later, Teagan, walking on her own accord and accompanied by her mother, attended a promotional event supporting an expansion of the American Family Children’s Hospital.  This is the same hospital that contributed to her recovery.  Moreover, the family had won a settlement that will help pay for continued physical therapy for Teagan.  It is more than likely through the hard-work and dedication of a spinal cord injury attorney or similar attorney that this settlement was even possible.

Guide Books For The Community

Spinal cord injuries may not always be preventable; however there are ways to protect yourself from enduring such a fate.  The following five tips provided from the Mayo Clinic could possibly prevent many spinal cord injuries if taken seriously:

  • Drive safely. Traffic accidents are the most common cause of a spinal cord injury.  Remember to always wear your seatbelt!
  • Ensure water depth is deep enough before diving.  Make sure the depth is at least 9 feet or deeper.
  • Prevent falls.  Buy a step stool and always use handrails when provided.
  • Wear protective gear when playing sports.  Take any precautions necessary to protect yourself.
  • Don’t drink and drive.

In the event of an injury, it could be a very frustrating experience to deal with the aftermath of the incident.  There must be a concentration on physical healing, but the onset of medical bills, insurance companies, and other financial obligations can be burdensome.  Therefore, hiring a good spinal cord injury attorney is imperative to your success in a law suit and will ease your many burdens at such a time.  As a contribution to his community, Ken Christensen from the Christensen Law Firm has taken it upon himself to write and publish several accident books to inform you of how to handle personal injury cases.  For a free copy of one of these accident books, call 1-800 LAW BOOK.

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