A school bus was reported to be involved in an accident that injured six children. According to Utah Highway Patrol troopers the school bus collided with a tree in Paradise Monday afternoon. This accident happened around 3:47 on State Route 165, near mile post 1.

The accident was attributed to distracted driving. According to the report, UHP issued a statement that says that the bus driver was distracted by a child, causing her to take her eyes off the road.

As a result, the bus then went off the road to the right, striking an arrow sign before crashing into two trees at the bottom of a slight embankment.

Trooper Cade Brenchley, Utah Highway Patrol, stated that the bus driver claimed she was distracted by a child standing up in the back,  whom she watched in the rear-view mirror.

The report added that the injured children were transported to a local hospital.

Brenchey stated that it is sad that the accident happened but it could have been worse.

Christensen & Hymas is thankful that the accident did not have fatal consequences. Indeed, many motorists have proven that a few seconds of taking ones eyes off the road are enough for someone to be in an accident. Roads are treacherous, especially during winter.  Losing control or over-correction during these situations can make a driver cause the vehicle to roll or to fall off the road.

Christensen & Hymas advocates child safety. We hope to help more children travel the road safety. We make many articles available on our website to help parents keep their children safe. In the event that your child is injured due to someone’s recklessness or negligence, call us at (810)-506-0800 for a free initial consultation. We can answer your concerns on personal injury compensation and help you process the claims properly.

Original article by David Wells and Gene Kennedy of Fox13