Utah Personal Injury AttorneyAn accident occurred at 5700 S and 5600 W in Kearns late Tuesday night when a woman driving a Corolla swerved into oncoming traffic and hit head-on an SUV. At the time of the accident, no fatalities were reported, although the driver of the SUV and the two passengers in the Corolla were all taken to the Intermountain Medical Center for treatment. Four cars were involved in the accident, in total; the Corolla spun into a third car, and a fourth received the impact of a tire.

Such serious accidents occur daily on our roadways—believe us. A Utah personal injury attorney is as familiar with car accident law as he is with the frequency at which such accidents occur. The law is meant to protect victims of such accidents, and as attorneys, we know how to exercise the law so that victims receive as compensation as much as can be retained following an accident. In the event of the accident above, compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc., may be achieved. Let a personal injury attorney help you get what you need—call Christensen & Hymas at (801) 506-0800.