SUV pins womanTwo separate vehicle accidents happened Thursday in which several individuals were injured.

In one incident, a truck traveling in Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah rolled over the jersey barrier and onto the railroad tracks below. Three individuals in the truck, all of whom hail from Alabama, were hospitalized with varying conditions. Laura Fannin, a passenger in the truck, was transported via helicopter to a local hospital. Jirden Mcinvale, the driver, and passenger Christopher Odom, were both taken via ambulance to a local hospital. It is believed that speed played a significant role in the crash. The truck was carrying a shipment of apples, which were strewn all about following the crash. No other persons were injured in the event.

In a separate accident, a woman was pinned beneath her vehicle after her vehicle collided with another near 2300 W. and 4700 S. in Taylorsville, UT. She was driving a Ford Excursion when a Toyota Camry turned in front of her, causing her to hit a light pole and ejecting her from the vehicle. She was pinned under her vehicle for 15-20 minutes before rescue workers could remove her; she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Fault in the accident remains to be determined.


With winter weather conditions approaching, and more than likely here to stay, driver negligence will not be the only factor affecting safety on our roadways. We urge drivers to exercise caution, slow down, and be aware of others driving around you. Let someone into your lane, leave a few minutes earlier so you can drive in peace, and leave more distance between you and the car ahead of you—in short, let the spirit of the season find its way into your driving as well!

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