Edwards 'transforms' into blockbuster movie setPolice had to close 400 North in Bountiful Thursday morning. A semi truck’s power train and brake system failed and subsequently rolled over a car and partially into a house.  No one was injured in the accident, but the truck carrying around 45 tons of sand for a local golf course blatantly totaled a car, which the owner had sold the day before.  Power lines were also hit, forcing police to shut down the road.

In a tweet by Bountiful Police Department, they explained the need to close the road due to the power lines and the damage they needed to clean up around eight a.m. Thursday morning.

For those unfamiliar to the area, the truck was specifically carrying sand to the Bountiful Ridge Golf Course, which is located  near a rather large hill.  Authorities are still unclear what exactly failed on the truck, whether it was its power train or brake system, but they do say the grade of the hill helped the truck roll and cause severe damage to the car and house.  The inhabitants of the house were eating breakfast at the time, and thankfully no one was injured.

Accidents such as these can be quite dangerous, especially in consideration to large semi-trucks.  Trucks this size have caused severe injury and death in the past.  Negligence  for many of these accidents is unfortunately found on behalf of someone, and in this case would probably fall on behalf of the semi-truck driver or the company who owns the truck.  If the parts of the truck were investigated and found to fail within the truck system, the manufacturing company could potentially assume negligence.

Truck companies must make sure their trucks are safe and up to date with their mechanical inspections.  If truck companies refuse to take these precautions, they and society will pay the price in injuries and potentially fatalities.  Christensen and Hymas, looks to protect those who have been injured in accidents from negligence on someone else’s part, especially when there has been clear disregard for precautions on vehicles.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons