Utah Highway Patrol trooper James Wright had just concluded a routine traffic stop and was reviewing notes inside his car when he was suddenly sideswiped by a semi-truck. According to the report, the semi-truck was heading south on I-15 when it drifted into the emergency lane and hit the trooper’s car that was parked on the side of the road.

According to Wright, the driver of the semi-truck seemed to be unaware of what happened and continued on his way. Wright added that he went after the semi for about 50 yards using his damaged car.

The report stated that Lehi police came to investigate and moved the semi off the freeway. The driver was identified by the report as 49-year-old Steven Sturgis Bell. According to the report, Bell tried to run away from authorities during the field sobriety test.  The police tackled the suspect and allegedly found methamphetamine on him.

Lt. Rich Christianson said the driver did something that could result in someone getting killed. Wright is thankful that the driver of the car he had just released from that traffic stop was no longer in that area. Had the driver been present at the time the semi-truck sideswiped the trooper’s car, he could have been seriously hurt.

Bell was booked into jail and faces multiple charges, including DUI, drug possession, and resisting arrest. Authorities say he’s from Nevada and drives for KKW Trucking out of California.

This is not the first time that Wright was involved in an accident that wrecked his car. He stated that about ten months ago, his car was hit by a pickup that lost control on the wintry road. He added that his car was still in the repair lot and now he got hit again by a semi-truck while doing his job.

These accidents underscore the hazards troopers face in line of duty. UHP said half a dozen troopers in Utah County alone have been hit this winter. Lt. Rich Christianson requests motorists to give UHP more space and respect.

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Original article by Sandra Yi of ksl.com