car_pinned_under_tractor_trailerLast Thursday morning, two men were stuck in their car after having a collision with a semi-truck. Early in the morning, just after 6:30 am, a semi was attempting a U-turn at 3110 S. 900 W. in Salt Lake City. A car struck the saddle tank on the semi, and ended up confined partially under the truck. The semi’s tank was ruptured, HAZMAT came onto the scene to clear the spilt fuel.

Bt. Chief Jason Nicholl said, “These types of things, when it involves a semi, they’re often highly technical.”

The car, under the semi, held two men hostage. The weather that early in the morning was also of concern. The car passengers were not wearing winter clothing, and were not protected against the freezing winter elements. Rescue crews worked quickly to get them safe. They cut off the roof of the pinned car, and pulled out the two men, who were then taken to the nearest hospital. The current report is that neither has suffered life-threatening injuries. A reminder from the authorities: here in this Utah winter, travelers should always carry appropriate winter clothing with them, in the event of an emergency.

From all of us at Christensen & Hymas, we hope these men are safe and on the road to a full recovery very soon. The situation is a good reminder to every driver to stay keenly aware. Even after every precaution, you may find yourself the victim of an accident. If you need someone to protect your legal rights, or help you obtain just compensation for an accident, call the expert accident lawyers at Christensen &  Hymas: (801)-506-0800.


Image courtesy of KSL