helicopterFox 13 reported that a 38 year old man in Farmington, Utah fell into a creek while hiking last Sunday, June 2 and fractured his femur. The hiker fell near the Davis Creek Trail sometime around 2 p.m. The man was rescued via helicopter. Sgt. Susan Poulson of the Davis County Sheriff’s Department reported that the man may have lost a lot of blood due to the injury sustained from the fall. The report added that additional information will be released as soon it becomes available.

The femur is the thigh bone that extends from the hip joint down to the knee joint, and is one of the largest and strongest bones in the body.  Because the femur is such a strong bone, it can take tremendous force to cause a femur fracture. Femur fractures may result from car accidents and falls from a height. This kind of injury requires surgical operation. Medline Plus describes the medical procedure as a repair that may require a special metal device to keep the bone in place during the healing period. It may take 4 to 6 months for the injury to heal depending on the extent of the injury.

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Original article by Mark Green.

Photo courtesy of Lee Cannon.