A pregnant woman identified as Chelsea Sheedy, 30, of Sandy was hit by a car that was backing out of a parking space at Hammons supermarket. According to the news report the man got out from his car and asked the woman if she was okay after she was knoSupermarketcked down.

Sandy Police are now looking for this man after he had left the scene. Sandy Police Sgt. John Arnold said they wanted to talk with the man and asked why he left the pregnant woman. Even if the woman said she is okay, it is still not okay for the man to leave. According to Sgt. Arnold anyone involved in an accident should stay in the scene and wait for authorities to arrive. This is the moral and legal obligation of someone who could be responsible for the injury of another.

According to the woman’s husband, his wife was treated at the scene and then taken to a hospital for scrapes, bruises, a back injury and a possible concussion.

The pregnant woman was released from the hospital after checking the woman and her baby’s vital signs were stable. The report added that the woman was four months pregnant.

The vehicle that struck the woman was described as a white Ford Explorer SUV with red stripes and Idaho license plates. Police authorities did spot the vehicle late Sunday but were unable to pull it over.

The police want the man to come forward and talk with them about the incident.

Christensen & Hymas is glad the pregnant woman did not sustain life threatening injuries from being hit by a car. Accidents such as these should serve as reminder for motorists to be extra careful when coming in and out from parking spaces. There could be a person or a child that is hidden from view.

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Original article by Lisa Riley Roche of Deseret News.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.