Fox13 News reported yesterday that this boy, KJ Reid, was viciously attacked by dogs. Two other unnamed people were injured in their St. George back yard. KJ is eleven years old and was playing hide and seek with the neighborhood children yesterday. During the game he decided to walk along the top of a retaining wall which divided several yards. He fell from the wall into an unfamiliar yard which contained three Rottweilers. Two of the three dogs are responsible for his injuries. KJ’s mother Autumn saw one dog holding him around the waist and the other pulling at his extremities. According to the police the owner and a resident of the house attempted to stop the attack and were also injured by the dogs, which turned upon them as well.

Surprisingly, the Reid family claims to have no ill feelings towards the dog owner and feel that her quick actions were what saved their son’s life. As for the dogs they are under the control of St. George animal control and it is unclear how they will be dealt with or why they reacted in this way at this time.

At Christensen & Hymas we see many dog bite attacks and we know how painful and devastating they can be. We wish young KJ the best in his recovery and hope that the dog owner will heal quickly. We suggest that the Reid family obtain a copy of the police report and then contact us for help at (801)506-0800.

Photo Courtesy of Chante Chidister