suv wreckAccording to a report given by the Deseret News, an SUV hauling a camper was traveling west on U.S. 40 near Park City. Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Todd Johnson disclosed that the camper started to sway and the vehicle left the road and rolled just after 1: 20 p.m.

According to authorities, the “older couple” seated in the driver and passenger seats were not ejected in the crash, but did sustain critical injuries.

Allegedly, two people who were riding in the back seat sustained minor injuries. They were identified as a male adult and his 12-year-old son.

Two medical helicopters responded to the scene and transported the injured passengers to the hospital. The report also stated that the eastbound traffic on U.S. 40 had to be closed for approximately 45 minutes to allow the medical transport to land and airlift the crash victims. The westbound lane was reopened at around 3 p.m.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided the following conclusions  in a 2002 technical report:

  • Rollover crashes constitute to about one-fifth of all fatal crashes.
  • The number of fatal light truck rollover crashes is increasing, particularly among SUVs and vans.
  • The number of fatal SUV rollovers has more than doubled since 1991, growing faster than any other class of light trucks.
  • The increases in fatal light truck fatalities, driven by SUV crashes, have been offsetting the decreases in both fatal passenger car crashes and rollover crashes.
  • Slightly less than 1/2 of single vehicle rollovers were reported by the investigating police officer to be preceded by an attempt to avoid a crash by a steering maneuver, compared to 1/3 of rollovers in multi-vehicle crashes.
  • In about 40 percent of fatal single vehicle rollovers and 57 percent of multi-vehicle rollovers, investigating officers reported that no crash avoidance maneuvers preceded the crash.

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Original article by Emiley Morgan of Deseret News.

Photo courtesy of Nate Bolt.