seat belt In Cedar City, Utah, a couple was reported to be involved in a car crash during a rainy afternoon. Melissa Windley was pregnant and attributed the proper wearing of seat belt as the reason why she and her husband survived the crash that heavily damaged their car.

According to the report, the couple was travelling home from Las Vegas for about two hundred miles before the rain hit. Chris Windley who was driving the car that time, claimed that visibility was poor even with the wiper blade set on high. A semi passed by the right lane and the driver described it like a wall of water that made everything impossible to see. So Chris just took his foot off the gas and let his car coast. The vehicle hydroplaned and spun off the road, went down an embankment and crashed into a tree.

The report stated that the driver’s side of the car was crushed like a sardine can with the steering wheel on top of the dashboard and the air bag deployed.

Melissa Windley is a teacher of child development at a local high school and one of her lessons was about how pregnant women should wear their seat belt. According to her, the seat belt should be worn below the baby bump and not across it. Practicing what she preached, she claims, is what saved her baby.

The couple sustained only minor bruises while their car was destroyed by the crash.

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Original article by Mark Green and Ashton Goodell of Fox13.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lobo.