A crash that happened around noon Wednesday, injured occupants of a minivan resulting in their hospitalization. The minivan allegedly struck a Ford Explorer that was speeding and ran the stop light at 2200 W 7600 S. Both vehicles went into a canal as a result of the collision.

MinivanUnfortunately, the driver of the Ford Explorer fled the scene of the accident on foot. West Jordan police are now looking for this driver.

The report indicated that as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, police authorities have already known the identity of the driver of the Ford Explorer but they were unable to locate him yet.

The report stated that police authorities did not disclose the medical conditions of the injured people in the minivan.

We at Christensen & Hymas are dismayed by the hit-and-run driver’s behavior. It could have been better if he stayed on the scene and called for help. By fleeing the scene, this driver is hurting more the occupants of the minivan by his callous behavior.

We do not know the reasons why he chose to leave the scene. Maybe his instinct told him to run but rational and compassionate human being should face the consequence of their mistakes no matter how afraid they are for the results of their driving behavior.

A website offered an explanation why a driver would choose to run rather than stay after an accident. According to the article there are many factors that contribute to the increase of hit-and –run cases. Some of the factors identified as the most prevalent are the number of unlicensed or illegal drivers and the fear of Driving under the Influence penalties. The article added that drunk drivers believe that if they flee the scene and will be located sober, they will face reduced charges than found on the scene and discovered drunk.

Whatever the reason, Christensen & Hymas believes that people injured in a car accident as a result of reckless driving and negligence should be compensated for the pain, cost of hospitalization, injuries and loss of earnings. Call us at (801)-506-0800 now. Our competent personal injury lawyers will help you get the compensation for financial relief.

Original article by David Wells of Fox 13 News.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.