Ramiro Serrano-Hernandez

Ramiro Serrano-Hernandez

A man, who was identified by reports as Ramiro Hernandez, has taken a plea deal in connection with his involvement in the death of Ashlee Zimmer in August of last year. Ramirez was accused of hitting and killing an Orem woman while driving drunk. According to authorities, he was driving with an expired Utah driving privilege card early Sunday morning when he veered off the road and hit the woman who was sitting on the curb next to a parked car at 844 N. 100 West in Orem at about 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 25. He hit a parked car prior to hitting Zimmer and proceeded to crash into a fence. According to police reports, Hernandez fled the scene of the crash. He was later found hiding behind a garbage receptacle a few blocks away when found by authorities.

It has been disclosed that Hernandez was charged with automobile homicide while Driving Under the Influence, which is classified as a second-degree felony; failure to remain at an accident involving death, a third-degree felony; an accident involving property damage, a class B misdemeanor; and driving without a valid license, a class C misdemeanor. According to the report, Hernandez recently pleaded guilty to automobile homicide by DUI, a second-degree felony, and, in exchange for the guilty plea, the remaining three charges against him were dropped.

This is not the first time that Hernandez has been cited for an alcohol-related incident. One day before the fatal accident, he was cited for intoxication and disorderly conduct. The report added that Hernandez wasn’t taken into custody at that time because he wasn’t driving.

Reports state that the verdict for his case will be given by February 27. Hernandez could face one to fifteen years in prison as a consequence of his actions.

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Original article and photo by Paige Fieldsted of Daily Herald