A 14-year-old boy was attacked by a pit bull on Tuesday while going to a church function. The boy and his 5-year-old brother were walking together when the pit bull ran away from its owner and “aggressively” approached the 5-year-old. His brother immediately stepped in to protect him and that is when the dog bit him.

Animal control has been involved in the investigation and believes that they know who the owner of the dog is and where he lives.

This is not the only dog bite attack that has occurred recently. Just last month another young boy and his grandfather were also attacked by pit bulls while walking in their neighborhood in the Salt Lake area. These two suffered more severe injuries that included reconstructive surgery.

Dog bite injuries are a serious issue. In 2010, 33 dog attacks resulted in death. 20 of those deaths were children and 13 were adults. That is too high a number for something that is entirely preventable.

In both of these incidents the dogs involved were pit bulls. This is because pit bulls are one of the most dangerous dog breeds in America. The other breed to make this list is the Rottweiler. DogsBite.org did a study between 2005 and 2010 and found that these two dog breeds were responsible for 71% of all fatal attacks. Pit bulls, however, are the more dangerous of the two. The fatal attacks involving pit bulls and any mix of the breed, more than doubles that of Rottweiler’s.

Pit bulls are genetically built for attacks and that is why they are the top choice for dog fighting. They are known for surprise attacks, which means that there is no warning before they attack someone or something. They also have a lethal bite style called the hold and shake.

All dogs are capable of turning violent and it is up to the owners to carefully watch their dog while in public and at home. Dogs need to be securely restrained when around other people to prevent incidents like these. All people should be aware of the risks of certain breeds and how to handle an attack if it happens. If your children are frequently out on the streets alone then they also need to be taught what to do and what to look out for.

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