In Cottonwood Heights, Utah on Saturday afternoon, an 11-year-old girl was attacked by a pit bull. The girl will need plastic surgery after the attack.

Family was gathering in a home Near 7100 South and 2800 East, the owner had put the dog out of the way of the guests, in a back bedroom. The family’s 11-year-old niece opened the door, without knowing the dog was behind it. The pit bull attacked, biting her several times in the face.

She was taken to Primary Children’s Medical Center for treatment.

The owner called Cottonwood Heights police, reported the incident, had animal control seize the dog, and asked that he be put down. Sgt. Gary Young with Cottonwood Heights police said that the owner did exactly the right things. He put the dog in the back room, even though he had not experienced the dog being previously aggressive. He also reported the incident immediately.

As of Sunday afternoon, the child is waiting for plastic surgery.

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Image courtesy of Hugo Quintero (not the pit bull to be put down)

Story originally reported by ksl news