Personal Injury From Texting While DrivingTexting while driving is becoming an increasingly large issue, despite state bans being instituted in most states in recent years.  According to the Salt Lake Tribune, one such devastating case was last year when a 19 year old driver from Missouri caused a vehicle pile-up due to texting while driving that killed two individuals.  It was apparent he was distracted by something while behind the wheel, for it was recorded that he had received eleven text messages in the eleven minutes leading up to the accident.  Fortunately, most of the people involved in the pile-up survived.

Personal Injury Law

A lot can happen in a day, and unfortunately personal injuries could be included in a day’s events.  Whether the personal injury results from someone texting while driving or due to a bicycle accident, the result could have significant consequences, including physical, mental, emotional, and legal.  Ultimately, a personal injury case means that someone has been injured.

Although a personal injury could be a major inconvenience, the following damages may be recovered following an accident:

-medical expenses

-wage and income loss


-pain and suffering

-survivors loss

This list of damages that may be recovered is just one example of the legal aid a personal injury lawyer could provide.  After being involved in a car accident during college and seeing first hand how difficult it is to deal with insurance companies while maintaining work and other personal responsibilities, attorney Kenneth Christensen is here to assist you.  The Christensen Law Firm has an array of free accident books that will help you know how to act following a personal injury.  To receive an accident book, call the Christensen Law Firm as your earliest convenience at 1-800 LAW BOOK.