Downtown loganA 34 year old man was struck by a white Ford Truck in a Logan intersection earlier this week. Witnesses reported the man was crossing 400 North at 200 East in a crosswalk when a truck going North on 200 East started to make a left turn to go west. Allegedly, the driver of the truck failed to see the man and hit him, according to the news release from the Logan Police Department.

Logan Police Department’s additional reported added that the man was knocked to the ground and appears to have suffered head trauma. He was taken to Logan Regional Hospital in an ambulance and was later flown to McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden.

His identity is withheld as police has not yet notified his family. Citations are still pending as the accident is being investigated by authorities.

Christensen & Hymas reminds motorists to be extra careful near intersections and cross walks .Do not forget to watch out for pedestrians. Avoid distracted driving and slow down as you approach intersections to avoid accidents. Pedestrians might suddenly appear and you will caught by surprise. They are no match for cars and injuries can be extensive and life threatening. Traumatic brain injury often results when someone is knocked forcefully and the head suffers some trauma.

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Original article by Michael McFall of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Image of Downtown Logan courtesy of Wikimedia.