A reported choking incident involving a 6 month old baby underscores the importance of a cool head under extreme pressure for responding paramedics. It also reminds parents of the need to keep the house free of choking hazards. According to medical experts, any object that will fit in the opening of an empty toilet paper roll is considered a choking hazard.

The Deseret News states that the incident happened Saturday in the Rose Park neighborhood. The mother, who later told firemen her 6-month-old son had recently gotten into the habit of grabbing objects and putting them in his mouth, said that she turned her back on the boy for just a minute and he had already put something in his mouth. She soon realized that something was wrong and called 911.

The report adds that paramedics from Salt Lake City Fire Station No. 7 were the first to respond . It was disclosed that the boy had swallowed a small figurine, about half the size of an adult finger, and it became lodged in his throat. Salt Lake City Fire Department spokesman Jasen Asay stated that when paramedics arrived, blood was coming from the boy’s mouth, and his airway was almost completely obstructed. They tried turning the boy upside down and slapping him on his back, but this did not dislodge the object. The child was barely breathing when paramedics were able to quickly but gently remove the toy using forceps as the ambulance sped towards the hospital.

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