When it comes to discussing Utah dog attacks, the focus tends to center on the physical implications of a vicious dog bite.  This is with good reason; dog bites can result in long-term physical injuries, including permanent scarring and facial disfigurement.  Such injuries will have lasting physical implications.  However, the physical consequences of a dog attack are only one side of the issue.  Emotional and psychological side effects of dog bites can be just as detrimental to a victim’s long-term health.

The Psychological Implications of Facial Disfigurement of Children

When a dog attacks, the victim may be bitten in the face and permanently scarred and disfigured.  This is particularly common among children, as their shorter height makes it easier for dogs to reach their faces.  Permanent facial scarring has lasting psychological implications for adults and children alike, but it can be especially damaging to a child’s overall mental development.

We all remember how difficult elementary school can be with teasing and bullying.  Children who have suffered facial disfigurement from a dog attack are often subjected to pointing, laughing, and ridicule from their peers.  Even outside the playground, children with facial scarring receive stares, startled reactions, and looks of pity.  As a study published in Psychology, Health & Medicine notes, these behaviors leads the victim feeling ostracized and lonely.  Such feelings can develop into long-term social and behavioral problems.

Children with facial disfigurement often develop social anxiety, low self-esteem, and insecurity, carrying these distresses with them well into their adulthood.  If your child has suffered from facial scarring as the result of a dog attack, it is important to be aware of signs of social isolation, depression, or anxiety.  If you see your child manifesting these symptoms, you should consider seeking psychological counseling to help him/her overcome the social and emotional obstacles.

If a dog attacks your child, you may need help to receive a proper insurance settlement.  It is important to make sure that as a parent, the responsible party properly compensates you so that you are not stuck paying out-of-pocket for these medical procedures. The attorneys at the Christensen Law Firm are experts in the laws pertaining to Utah dog bites and attacks, and believe your child deserves only the best medical and psychological care.  We will diligently work for you and your child to ensure you receive a proper settlement.

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