Wrongful Death AttorneyKSL reports that a man died Tuesday night while trying to remove a dead deer from off of the road. The accident occurred at 1800 S and Redwood Road in Woods Cross. Few details of the accident are available at this time, but it is apparent that this was an auto-pedestrian accident. This sad situation is somewhat reminiscent of a motorcycle accident that occurred not too long ago in which a motorcyclist died because of debris left on the road. How to clear debris from the road is a topic that has been addressed by the Utah Highway Patrol on a previous blog; we encourage you to look this over. Do not take these matters into your own hands, as the police are more than capable of handling such events.

We offer our sincere condolences to the deceased and to his family. Though the reasons for which this man was trying to remove the carcass from off the road are not known, he could have been doing it to prevent others from receiving future harm. Our hearts go out to his family.



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