Emergency RoomNews report stated a 20 year old pedestrian, Nina Gailey died from injuries she sustained Wednesday morning after being struck by a automobile.

Unified Police Department stated that the young woman was crossing 3900 South at about 1115 West on December 6 when she was hit by an eastbound car.  She was last seen pushing a stroller containing personal item into traffic and accompanied by a dog prior to the accident. There was no crosswalk in the area and Gailey was seen by witnesses to be darting into the road to cross the street. The dog was killed in the accident while the woman was transported to Intermountain Medical Center in extremely critical condition.

The speed limit on that street is 40 mph and police stated they did not consider speed as a factor in the accident. The woman driving the car was not injured.

Gailey was reported to be in a coma since the accident until she finally passed. Gailey’s family flew in from Georgia as soon as they heard about the accident to be with her. The report indicated that there were no charges against the woman driver that hit Gailey. The report also added that a memorial will be held in her honor at the LDS chapel on 1457 West Atherton Drive.

This accident clearly illustrates the danger of crossing the street. Even crosswalks are not that safe it is featured as the location of the most number of pedestrian accidents. Christensen & Hymas encourages everyone to be extra cautious when approaching intersections and crosswalks. Slow down and be on the lookout for pedestrian and bicyclist. We also would like to remind pedestrians to wear bright colored clothes especially at night or dawn and let your intention to cross the street be known to a motorist.

Original article by Robynn Garfield of ksl.com.

Image courtesy of Flickr.