Brain scanCBS News reported that “about 1.7 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, each year.”  A TBI is considered stress on the brain caused by trauma, impact, or severe motion.  Most TBI’s are mild; they come in the form of mild concussions, light jarring, or general bumps to the head.  These light injuries often will heal on their own.  When the trauma is more severe, healing is up in the air which makes the diagnoses more difficult for doctors to ascertain.  According to CBS News, a new technology for diagnosing brain trauma has been developed.

The new technology is an MRI-based tool that scans the brain much like an X-ray.  It can project images of the scan in multi-color which can ultimately show where the damage was done in the brain.  The new technology uses a high-definition fiber tracking image system that allows the doctor to see exactly where the fibers of the brain have been torn or otherwise damaged.

New TBI Technology

By using this new technology, the doctor can better understand and diagnose the problems associated with the injury.  An attorney can also use the technology to aid his client.  The information gathered by the technology could enlighten the insurance agencies as to the severity of the brain damage and encourage them to be more generous in settlements and payouts.