Biking accidents usually happen because the motorist was not able to see the biker on time. Common incBike at nightidents include sideswiping and blind spot incidents. Normally 79% of the time, the cyclist is traveling on a straight path when a motorist comes across the cyclist and with visibility concern, accident could happen.

Emily Brooke, a physics student from Brighton University, invented Blaze to solve this cyclist visibility problem. According to the article, Blaze is a detachable lamp that projects a laser image five meters in front of a bicycle to let motorists, bus drivers, and pedestrians know a cyclist is coming.

Blaze was also described as a front-mounted light powered by bright LEDs that also projects a green laser image of a bicycle onto the road to let motorists know a cyclist is coming. According to the product designer, the objective of the invention is to help prevent vehicles from turning across a cyclist’s path by increasing their ‘footprint’ on the road.

Several technological innovations will be presented during the annual Interbike conference scheduled the following week. One of these is a device that emits high frequency audio signals to keep pursuing dogs at bay. Another product is a set of ‘smart handle bars’ fitted with LED lights that adjust to the biker’s environment and speed. They will also track the bike via SMS if it is stolen. Moreover, Pure Fix Cycles have a glow-in-the-dark bike frame to light up your entire bicycle at night.

Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists stated that all these technological innovations are good things and coupled with better bike infrastructure could encourage more bikers on the road while making things safer for both cyclists and motorists. He added that what is more important than all of these is the improvement of driving behavior. It would make a world of difference if drivers pay more attention on the road and exercise more patience. Distracted, drunk, drugged, drowsy and plain poor driving is the real problem for pedestrian and bicyclist.

Christensen & Hymas fully agrees with Andy Clarke and encourage everyone to practice safe driving behavior. Reckless and negligent driving behavior can injure other road users.

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Original article by Allison Croghan of Deseret News.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.